Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


How does Google, Yahoo and Facebook make Million Dollars in a period of time?

Maybe almost 98% of internet users doesn't know how those big sites earn a lot of money and some of us wondering HOW DO THEY EARN THAT KIND OF MONEY!
Well, the secret? ADVERTISEMENTS. Yes, you read it right. They earn by advertising others website.

And how people like me earn some money out of advertisement? I just VIEW their ads for 30 secs a day.

Hmm, maybe almost 20 ads per day. Yeah, I do earn money by viewing ads.

Okay enough talking. But I just want to say something: THE EARLY BIRDS WIN. LOLs. xD

Join me in my career, internet money making. Together, let's earn for our Future. HAHAHAHA.

First, register to PayPal. The internet bank, as I call it. After you complete the registration, you can now sign up to different sites that I provide you. Note: You must use only 3 computer units, in your house, office or school, using a laptop is much better.

Here are my most trusted sites, just click the banner to register.

myfreeshares--get paid for being a member!

jillsclickcorner--paid to sign up, easy money


Neobux is a Paid-To-Click website that pay for viewing their ads.


Just like Neobux, Onbux is a Paid-To-Click website that pay for viewing their



ClixSense was created in 2008 and still the most legitimate PTC service.

Does Facebook pays you for socializing?

Well, here's a social networking site that pays. And a free chatroom that pays.

PeopleString.Get paid for doing everything.

Brejji Chat Chat Chat and Earn.